Monday, April 10, 2017

Breakfast Bytes

Part of my new position is to offer what we call Breakfast Bytes each and every month to the staff in my building. Each month I try to share an app and how it can best be utilized within the curriculum and sometimes I share tips and tidbits based on what I am seeing would be beneficial. You can find all of the Breakfast Bytes I've done this year on the Breakfast Bytes tab above. 

Here is this month's slidedeck. The initial pages are related to shared calendars in Google but the iPad tip at the end shows how to use Markup on your photos if you are running iOs10. Super cool feature!

Click on the picture to access the slidedeck

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Fools? No Way! EpicPals April is here today!

Looking for a way to engage your students when reading?
 Come check out or great book lineup for primary and intermediate readers!

Click on the EpicPals banner above or on either of the images of this month's book selections below to access the #EpicPals GoogleDoc (both the primary and intermediate versions are on the same doc- just scroll down to page 2 for the Intermediate version). As always, thank you to my Twitter buddy, Bobbie Hopkins (@bhopteacher) who works to create the intermediate version of #EpicPals each month. Thanks Bobbi!!

Here is the direct link to the EpicPals Primary Collection in Epic. This collection as well as the Intermediate version should be searchable in Epic in the next couple of days.


Need some additional information about EpicPals? Want a few tips and tidbits to get it set up in your room? If so, head over the the #EpicPals page at the top of the blog for additional information.